Tortuga Pirate Island Aqua Park is a pirate island-themed water park consisting of 20.000 m2 area within Atlantique Holiday Club located in Kuşadası Sahil Siteleri. Adventure, adrenaline and serenity are provided in Tortuga Pirate Island, which offers its guests an endless entertainment and the opportunity to get away from stress and spend an exotic, quiet day.

In the aqua park, there are 14 water slides and 8 different pools of different qualities such as mini children's pool, pirate children's pool, 3 pools with water slides, Octopus swimming pool, Wipe-out activity pool and lazy river.

It is a large water park which offers quality activities throughout the day without slowing down the pace, and also you can enjoy the taste of competition with the first and only Wipe-out area.

In addition; live DJ performance, delicious food and beverage options and two children's pools and the kids club which occupies a large area, double the quality of service specially for children.


The entertaining water park Tortuga located within Atlantique Holiday Club, is named after the pirate island Tortuga, one of the Caribbean islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Inspired by the name of the hotel in which it is located, a wonderful pirate island themed water park was built. Tortuga is an island that has never been left by pirates for centuries and has been the subject of countless legends. These legends have survived to nowadays and have been the subject of many films and computer games. The water park Tortuga, designed based on these legends, is decorated with areas and activities that are as adventurous as the Legends it is named for, full of adrenaline and unlimited fun. It serves as an aqua park on the shores of Atlantique, where you will feel yourself on a real pirate island and enjoy every moment you spend.

Our Mission

To be able to go beyond being a water park with only exciting slides and provide an opportunity to experience every aspect of entertainment that can be created in a water park for our guests. To expand every season with new entertainment areas and unique activities.

Our Vision

Creating specific and competitive pirate island themed entertainment areas.

  • Cash is not used in the park. Please load your Tortuga cards.
  • Please keep your valuables in safe box. TORTUGA is not responsible of lost items.
  • Lockers are free of charge with a deposit.
  • Food, beverages and glass objects are not allowed in the park.
  • Life jackets for children are strongly recommended.
  • Children under age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult during activities.
  • No refunds or rain compensations are made.
  • Please take your receipt and keep it during the visit.
  • Entry cards are used for a single entrance and a single exit during the day.
  • 25 Euro will be charged for lost or damaged life jackets.
  • 30 TL will be charged for lost or damaged Tortuga cards.
  • 30 TL will be charged for lost or damaged locker keys.
  • It is not recommended for people with physical disabilities, overweight, neck, back, heart conditions and pregnant women to use the slides in the park.
  • High thrill and/or deep water attractions can be stressful for people who fear high speeds, heights or enclosed places on some slides.
  • Please follow the instructions given by lifeguards and noted on the signs in the park at all times.
  • Violating the rules may cause to injure yourself seriously and other guests.
  • Leave keys and jewellery behind while swimming and sliding.
  • Please do not run in the park and make jokes that may harm others.
  • Please take a shower before entering the pools or using the slides.
  • Children under 120 cm and 140 cm are not allowed to use some slides.
  • T-shirts, shorts and whole body swimsuits are forbidden while using slides.
  • Due to any technical or operational problems, pool or attractions could be temporarily closed.
  • ll babies and toddlers under the age of 3 are required to wear approved swim diapers when entering any pool. Regular diapers are not suitable. In order to ensure the health of your child, please tell everyone about our responsibilities and sensitivity. Approved "swim diapers" are available for purchase at the store.
  • Persons under the age of 18 must enter with an adult.
  • TORTUGA reserves the right to make changes regarding price, date, time and activities.
  • Please contact the info desk for further details.
  • Rules are for your safety. Have fun !
  • Adult
    500 TL
    In Tortuga Pirate Island you can find adventure, adrenaline and serenity together.
    4-12 Age
    400 TL
    In Tortuga Pirate Island you can find adventure, adrenaline and serenity together.
    0-3 Age
    In Tortuga Pirate Island you can find adventure, adrenaline and serenity together.
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    Sahil Siteleri, Kuşadası, Aydın