Tortuga Pirate Island Water & Theme Park is a pirate ısland themed water park takes 20.000 m2 space inside of Atlantique Holiday Club, located in Kusadasi Long Beach. You can find adventure, adrenaline and serenity at the same time in Tortuga Pirate Island because Tortuga gives you the opportunity to have fun all day; get away from the stress and have an exotic, peaceful day. There are 14 slides and 2 children pools, one big swimming pool called octopus pool, 3 slide pools, wipe-out pool and lazy river pool; totally 8 pools in Tortuga Waterpark. That’s a waterpark that gives guests joy without slowing down the tempo by the quality activities during the day; makes guests savour the rivalry with the one and only wipe –out pool in region. In addition to them, Tortuga doubling the service quality with live DJ performance, delicious food and drink choices, and a big kids club.